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Working together to transform

'your place' into 'your palace'...


Some answers to a few common questions

about the JIA interior design service...

Q. Do JIA work on the weekends?

A. We do all we can to keep a clients time constraints in mind without compromising the work at hand. We are passionate about what we do and we want to make sure that your world is a more beautiful and rewarding place.

But like most people, after putting everything into our work, our batteries need recharging too so we promise to work creatively and cost-efficiently for you Monday through to Friday.


Q. What can I expect from our initial meeting with JIA?

A. Typically, our initial consultation will take place at the job site (whether it's your home or office). Arrangements are made on an individual basis. Let us make this very clear though - we are NOT in the business of selling goods and services just for the sake of it.


We are passionate about interior design and our aim is simple. To enrich your life by providing you ONLY with services and skills that you need.


Before we can work with you, it is paramount that we meet you and get to know you. Likewise we want you to get to know us so as to ensure that we’re the perfect fit for you.


Q. After an initial meeting, how long does it take JIA to produce a presentation/solution?

A. Well it's the old adage of 'how long is a piece of string'. After meeting with our clients, it really does depend upon the scale of the project. For a rough guideline though, an initial design presentation can be ready for a client anywhere between 3 days to 2 weeks. We understand and do all we can to keep a clients time constraints in mind without compromising the work at hand.


Q. What if I can’t afford to do everything that JIA propose?

A. When it comes to design projects, we like to offer our clients a full, comprehensive picture. This generally means that it will be completed in stages, but our proposal will give you a clear direction of where you’re interior space should go. Taking it at a steady pace is fine with us and we’ll be there to proceed at YOUR pace.


Q. What if I don’t like the presentation?

A. Generally speaking, the better the initial meeting, the better the proposal.

As mentioned above, during the first consultation we gather information about our client’s preferences/likes/dislikes so we can custom create a space that is best suited for them.

Our design presentations are nothing more than an initial offering where we will discuss options with our client. Understandably, people want to change/tweak something – whether it is a fabric choice or paint color. This is all a part of the process and we prefer to have you voice your opinions at that time so we can continue down the right path for your particular tastes. As time goes on (normally no more than a couple visits) we will learn exactly what you love.


Q. Do I need to be home in order for you to do the work?

A. We understand that our clients lead busy lives – that’s why they need us!  Meetings face to face with our clients are normal when decisions are being made but most clientele expect us to take over from there to get the jobs done.

Typically we will have access to a clients’ space so they can go about their regular business, whether it be work or play. We take pride in treating your space with the utmost care as if it were our own home.


Q. What are your fees?

A. We charge on an hourly basis. Once we discuss the scope of the project with our client we can give them an estimate of how many hours the job will likely demand.